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Fictive is a modernized version of the tandem story

The tandem story is often used in creative exercises to force people to work as a team. It is a form of writing in which each successive paragraph is written by a different author. When the story is turned over to you do you keep it going down its desired path or do you add an unexpected twist? Or do you completely disregard what was written and do your own thing?

Fictive is simple: Start a story. Set a max word limit. Invite your friends and start writing.

The concept for Fictive is loosely based on the french drawing technique, "cadavre exquis" drawing technique. The technique was invented by surrealists where participants fold a sheet of paper in fold into equally proportioned segments. One of the segments is then drawn on, and then folded over to conceal that part of the drawing, while still leaving a portion visible for the next participant to continue off of for further contribution. Surrealism principal founder André Breton reported that it started in fun, but eventually became enriching. In Fictive, instead of users working together to draw a picture, users work together to build a story.

Fictive logon screen Fictive logon screen Fictive logon screen Fictive logon screen